Thursday, May 9, 2013

Lillian Bassman inspired shoot

Last week I had a studio shoot that was inspired by Lillian Bassman´s photography. The photographer was Sigurður Mar.

Lillian Bassman was a photographer, art director and a painter. She left behind a legacy of fashion photography dipped in black and white with such elegance that only she could capture. Because of the soft edges, dramatic contrasts and the poses she had the models do, her photos almost looked like a painting. She often used geometrics in her photography and woman´s elegance was the key subject in every picture.

I love how geometric her photos are, so I tried to pose in that way. It especially shows in the first photo, which is also my favorite.


 Photography by Lillian Bassman

Photography by Sigurður Mar 


  1. Super su slike :) Black&White <3

  2. volim crno-bijele slike <3

  3. Jako mi se sviđaju fotografije Lillian Bassman, imaju nesto posebno. A i tvoje su predivne!

  4. savrseno!