Friday, May 24, 2013

Vikingmode Instagram - Amna edition

Here are a couple Instagram pictures from the last couple of months. Hope you enjoy it!
 A new outfit post coming hopefully this weekend. 

This was taken a couple of months ago in Reykjavík. 

A fresh new Vogue UK with Cara on the cover, which is a must-have. 

Reykjavík city

Movie-time. Movie of choice: Eurotrip. 

Nejra´s little adorable brother. Sometimes not so much adorable. 

Happy when somebody brings me Bosnian chocolate from Bosnia!

An Icelandic beach. Yes, with black sand. 

New stuff from Lindex!

We like taking pictures of our new shoes. 

Nejra the photographer I

Nejra the photographer II

Chillin' at Zara

Lemon tea goodness

My favourite! Pasta and Vogue. 

Me the photographer

The east of Iceland at the end of May. Apparently, the weather gods have the months confused. 

A mix of something Icelandic and Bosnian. 

Strolling and exploring the streets of Fáskrúðsfjörður, a small town in east of Iceland. 

BBQ and tan at the summerhouse. 

In the Icelandic nature

Hot tub time

Nike free run´s number 2. So obsessed.

Rose rahat lokum straight from Bosnia. It really tastes like a rose!


  1. Hihihi cevapi sa rakovima :P :P
    Divna priroda *.*

  2. super slicice! slatke ste seke :)


  3. i love all of photos! spacially loving the nikes shoes <3