Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kimono new in

Fór að kíkja á nýju Kate Hudson línuna í Lindex í þar síðustu viku eða svo… þá voru bara tveir kimonoar eftir og einn þeirra fékk að fara heim með mér. Hann er svolítið stór en mér finnst hann fullkominn svona oversized og liturinn er svo sumarlegur! Þetta er fyrsti kimonoinn minn og ég geeet ekki beðið eftir því að nota hann í útlöndum í sumar! 

<3 Amna 


Checked out the new Lindex collection today Edited by Kate Hudson. I´m in love with kimonos this summer, so I had to have one. It is one of the bigger sizes but its perfect and I don´t think I would want a smaller one. Can´t wait to wear it this summer! 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

what´s happening?

What´s happening is that I, Nejra, am blogging again, it has been a long time since that happened. I have been busy, lazy and just not feeling the blogg vibe but Amna has been really good at it so I don't have to worry. She is coming home for easter holiday so there will be new outfit post soon from us together, hopefully.
Last weekend was Girls Night at the hotel and I was asked to model for the local designs and stores here in Höfn, I of course said yes!
We had rehearsals on saturday morning, hair and makeup at 4, a meeting before the show for some good laughs and then the fashion show started at 10.
It was really fun and everything went absolutely great.
Here are some pictures that I took with my phone, not the best quality.


Before hair and makeup.

The outcome. 


Before the show with my "twin" 

the designers 

some of the things I showed

Crazy hair 

After all the madness 

I will make another post soon with all the new clothes I bought.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

a stroll in a camel coat

Þessar myndir eru teknar síðustu helgi eftir fashion festivalið mikla. Miðbærinn er fullur af fallegum götum og lítríkum húsum sem er fullkomin staðsetning fyrir outfit myndatöku. Ég var í frekar einföldu og þægilegu dressi. Kápan er frá Warehouse og hefur því miður verið allt of lengi inn í skáp, Lindex peysa, mint gallabuxur frá einhverri búð í Smáralind og ég væri ekki að gera outfit post án elsku bestu Nike skónna minna.


Took a little stroll through downtown Reykjavík with some friends last weekend after the fashion festival. We went for ice-cream and coffee and ended the day by taking these pictures. I wore my cream Warehouse coat that I sadly don´t wear that often, but that is going to change!
The plain grey sweater is from Lindex and probably my favourite sweater because of the colour and the simpleness. And of course, I would not be doing a outfit post without my precious Nikeise.
Strolling through downtown Reykjavík you can find a lot of pretty colourful streets with old houses in every colour, which makes it a perfect outfit shoot location in the heart of Reykjavík. I love dressing casually, and don´t really dress any other way anymore, its both the most elegant style and the most comfortable one, which is basically a win win.

<3 Amna

Sunday, March 30, 2014

RFF photos

Volunteered for the Reykjavík Fashion Festival this weekend. Here are some of the pictures I took backstage, at the rehearsals, the preparation and just everything involving the festival. :)

<3 Amna 

JÖR rehearsals

Between the shows 

Day-after tiredness 


-Glacier water, goodie bag preparation, Cintamani rehearsals. 

-JÖR rehearsals, make up board, schedule, make up board.

 -Going home at 1:00am the first day, JÖR rehearsals, backstage makeup getting ready.
-Backstage chaos

 -The Magnea show.

 -The amazing JÖR models and show!