Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Inspiration post

Long time no post. 
We have been busy and lazy to do something. The wether has not been on our side this week and also it becomes dark early here in Iceland. 
Im in school, ditching class to do this post, hooked on Tumblr finding many inspiration photos. 

Miroslava Duma <3


xoxo Nejra 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Peplum studio time

I week ago or so I did a studio photoshoot in my new black peplum dress, here is a little sneak peak. The heals I absolutely love, I bought them at Lindex in Reykjavík, you can´t see the heel here but its pointy and in my opinion they are the perfect sexy heals to go with a little black peplum dress.
Have a grate weekend!
xo Amna

Dress: Alice (Kiss - Reykjavík - Iceland)
Shoes: Lindex (Iceland)

Monday, January 21, 2013

peace in the rain

Living in a place that is mostly know for being rainy and gloomy all year around makes it pretty hard to find the time to take pictures. But nonetheless it is my favorite place on earth and the rain makes me happy. I don´t know if it is because I´m a winter person or just because I´m used to the rainy days, but there is just something about the feeling you get watching the raindrops on your window or splash into a puddle. I simply find peace in it.

Shirt: Next (Iceland) - Blazer: Debenhams (Iceland) - Wallet: Next 
Pants: Gallabuxna búðin (Iceland) - Shoes: Motor+Mia (Iceland)
Watch: Casio 
Denim shirt: Zara (Iceland)
Bag: Six (Iceland)
Necklace: Market

Iphone cover: Dúkkuhúsið (Iceland)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

January new in - Nejra edition

Like Amna said in her post, we were in Reykjavík a couple of weeks ago when the sale´s were just starting.
 Here are some stuff that I bought but I´ve yet to show you my awesome new shoes and my new accessories. There are many outfit posts coming your way very soon. 

Two new jeans, the picture quality is not the best but the red ones are more burgundy than red. The black ones are high-waisted. 
Bought two dresses. Love them both so much but the peplum dress just a little bit more. 
This I bought at a second hand shop, loved the colours and just had to have it, but not sure how to combine it. 
Simple collar t-shirt, bought in NEXT.
One of my favorites. Burgundy shirt with studs! 
Sweater with sequins also bought in NEXT.

xx Nejra 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

January new in - Amna edition

I finally got the chance to take some sneak peek photos of the stuff I bought at the beginning of January in Reykjavík. This isn´t everything, I´ve yet to show you my new CHANEL perfume and my two new bags that I couldn´t decide between so I bought both of them, but that will hopefully come in my next post.

I bought two dresses. A simple black peplum dress from Alice and a gorgeous floral peplum dress with a V back from Topshop (get yours here.)

Also at Topshop I bought a animal print oversized sweater that I absolutely adore. (Buy it here.)

 At Dorothy Perkins I got this sweater with a cute bow detail at the back. 

 At the Vero Moda store I bought these high wasted Pieces pants.

And probably my favorite! My Zara denim shirt. Never taking it off. 

Love, Amna