Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dear Ajnira

Me and Nejra wish you a very HAPPY 21. birthday.
 Hope you have a wonderful, inspirational and a creative day.
 Here´s to many more years of...
Taylor Swift songs,
 acting like complete idiots with British accents and being cursed by laziness and flat-chestedness of the pyramids of Visoko and the stress of the war. 
Loooooove you a lot :*
Miss you a lot :*

 Make sure to check out her blog and website

Monday, June 3, 2013

the everlasting day / walking on clouds

We are at that time of the year, when the sun never sets here in Iceland. Its daylight all day.. and all night long. The midnight sun shines through my window every night while I try to sleep. Its the everlasting day. 

Me and Nejra are utterly obsessed with Nike Free Runs, like almost everybody else. We got these new ones just last week and could not wait to stroll around in them and take pictures. We got them from an Icelandic Nike shop NikeVerslun and had a hell of a hard time deciding witch ones to pick. 
Somebody described walking in Free Runs like walking on clouds, and its totally true. They are so light and comfortable that you never want to take them off. 
This summer Nike Free Run sneakers are not just for running but also a fashion statement. I can not wait to wear them with dresses and summer clothes. I´ve always loved the mix of sporty and elegant fashion.  


shirt: atmosphere - Varsity Jacket: no brand - Pants: GallabuxnabĂșĂ°in (Iceland) - Sneakers: NikeVerslun 

Shirt: Topshop - Pants: peaces - Blazer: Vera Moda - Sneakers: NikeVerslun

Later we had a Marc Jacobs Coca Cola Light picnic, because its designer coca cola.. and its cool.