Thursday, April 25, 2013

The First Day of Summer

The first day of summer (sumardagurinn fyrsti) is an annual public holiday in Iceland held on the first Tuesday after 18 April. In the old days, the Icelanders used the Old Norse calender which divided the year into only two seasons, winter and summer. Although the weather in April cannot be considered summer-like, after a long winter, the Icelanders still celebrate the first day of "summer" with parades, sporting events, swimming pool parties and family time.
On the first day of summer there´s no school and no work, so me and Nejra spent the day at the swimming pool and then later went out for, what we in Iceland call, an ísrúnt (icecream-ride). That is when we drive around the town for hours and eat ice-cream.
Here are a couple of detailed pictures we took today. Don´t get fooled by the sun and by us so lightly dressed, we were freezing our asses off.

Nejra is wearing a shirt from an Icelandic jeans shop (Gallabuxnabúðin)... yeah that´s actually what its called. My glasses from Lindex (Iceland), a necklace from H&M and a YSL inspired ring from

Because its the first day of summer, I chose to wear my floral Zara blouse that to me screams summer.


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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hallo Sailor!

We live in a small town called Höfn, witch in English means "Harbor", and because its called harbor its obviously a fishing town. So, in this shoot we took a trip to the actual harbor, we had a couple of laughs, took a couple of pictures and hoped nobody saw two freaks (me) in heels taking pictures by the boats and almost falling into the water when their heel got stuck between the bricks in the harbor docks (me again).

My b&w sweater is from Mango and very special to me because I bought it in Lithuania on a school trip a year ago. The leggings are by an Icelandic designer that goes by the name Gammur. The heels and the sunglasses are from Lindex (Iceland) and the clutch is from Avon. 

Nejra´s shirt is from Bershka and borrowed from her sister, I personally love love the aztec print and the colors. The jeans are from an Icelandic jeans shop and the glasses from Lindex (Iceland). The hair cuff is from Six (Iceland) and the Converse are .. well.. Converse.  

Have a nice weekend :*

This lipstick is called Hot Plum from Maybelline New York. I recently won it in a competition and I absolutely adore the hot pink color. Definitely my new favorite lipstick color!

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Nike and Rock

Me and Nejra had a little too much fun at this outfit shoot, and that is why this post is extra long. I would like to introduce everybody to my lovely new Nike Free Run sneakers. I might feel super cool and super important in them.. and I might pretend I´m Mira Duma in them.. but thats okay.
 Nejra is totally rocking her rocker-chick outfit, the Céline shirt is DIY and made by her sister, and the motorcycle jacket is pretty awesome too. :)
Until later
Amna :*

Sneakers: NikeFreeRun 4.0 from skó (Iceland) - Denim shirt: My brothers - Pants: pieces - Bag: Lindex (Iceland)
Sunglasses: Lindex (Iceland)

Sunglasses: Lindex (Iceland) - Shoes: Focus (Iceland) - Jacket: Evita (UK) - Shirt: DIY -  Pants: GAS jeans 


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