Wednesday, February 19, 2014


So, there´s this new magazine, Porter, that you might have heard about, because its EVERYWHERE. Seriously every other picture on my Instagram is PORTER related these days. So the other day on my coffee + studying date with a friend I picked it up and I was happily surprised how different and fun it was. I love the fact that they emphasise on women empowerment, this issue is actually detected to "a celebration of incredible women" and features interviews with incredible women, duuh.
Aaanndd like in other glossy magazines its full of pretty, daydreamy photography and editorials, like the one with Gisele on the cover, and models like Karlie and Chanel Iman showing of the latest trends. ;) I hiigghhlyy recommend! :D

xo Amna


  1. Zanimljivo, ali vjeruj, najvise paznje su mi 'ukrale' tvoje tajice (koliko vidim tajice su u pitanju). Prekjut su :)