Sunday, January 26, 2014

winter pond

Had a wonderful Sunday with a friend. We went for coffee and did some studying at our favourite coffee shop downtown. On our way there we took these pictures at "Tjörnin" literally meaning "pond" which is a popular family hangout place downtown. Love taking a walk over there and feeding the ducks or just hanging out. The view is beautiful. 

Bag: Zara

The cap is from an Icelandic design company called Varma, and both the scarf and the coat are from Zara. 

I love this coat, so classic and simple. 

The lipstick is from Calvin Klein, called Dangerous

Pictures: Heiða Heiler 


  1. ja bas razmisljam o tom karminu, but still thinking :)

  2. Prelijepa si i kapica ti savrseno stoji :*

  3. OMG I adore your style. You have pretty smile. Love your beanie. I am here the first time in my life but i am sure that i will be here more often. Feel free to visit my blog at and maybe we can follow each other? Greetings and kisses ANIA