Saturday, August 24, 2013

wishing for the gone days

Sitting here in my new room, in a new city, while its windy and rainy outside, wishing to travel back in time to this place. 
Even though I took these pictures only two weeks ago or so, it seems like I haven´t been at that seaside forever. The hot weather seems far gone and everything seems colder and lonelier, but at least I got these colourful pictures to keep me warm. 

This is a place called Tucepi in Croatia. I go there every year with my family and I highly recommend it. :)


Jumpsuit: Waikiki


  1. Nisam nikad bila u Tucepima, a stvarno dobro izgledaju. Bice prilike, valjda ;)

  2. wooow you are so incredibly gorgeous!!! and so are the pics! what camera/lens do you use?

    Sophie from

  3. what a wonderful location! The sea looks so blue Ö and I adore your outfit to! Love the contrast with orange and the sea :D

    loves, The Mad Twins