Monday, July 8, 2013

Festival Fashion Show

Sorry for being absent these couple of weeks. But work, busyness and sickness along with bad weather had taken a toll on us.

A week ago there was a festival here in our little town, called the Lobster Festival. It is an annual festival of celebration, family time, food and partying. People all over Iceland come here to camp, visit family members and eat the delicious lobster Höfn is known for.

For the opening night, two local designers put together a fashion show that I took part in. Millibör and Arfleifð. I had a lot of fun helping out with the makeup and walking in the show, and am so glad people enjoyed it. Millibör´s clothes are mostly textile and inspired by the Icelandic nature. Her first collection was called the Creatures of the Ocean and, like the name indicates, it was inspired by the Icelandic sea creatures. Arfleifð´s designs are made of raw Icelandic material like reindeer leather, lamb leather, cod leather, salmon leather, redfish leather and spotted catfish along with horn´s, wool and horse hair. All of these materials would go to waste if not used in this way.

Hope you like the pictures! I´m going to Bosnia in a couple of days and I´m gonna try to be extra good at posting regularly.


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